Sign Up Meeting for Test Pit Dig

The sign up meeting for the digging of test pits in July was held at St. Edmund's Hall on the evening of the 18th June.
The evening started with a very interesting and informative talk by Mike Hardy on field-walking.

Mike Hardy

This was followed by a short tea break where villagers were able to meet two of the archaeolgists from the Suffolk Archaeology Unit and to look at some old maps of Hoxne that the archaeolgists had brought along.

Looking at local info

The archaeologists, John Craven and Jo Caruth, then talked about the digging of test pits and what was involved.

SCC archaeologists

There was then the opportunity to have a glass of wine and sign up for the dig. Booklets on "How to excavate an archaeological test pit" were distributed.

HHG signing up

Approximately 38 people have signed up and we hope to dig as many test pits as possible.

Photographs supplied by Liz Waugh McManus.