This is a timeline giving details of national events and local events.

For a timeline of Hoxne events only click here: Hoxne Timeline

National Events Date Local Events Details
400000 BCLower Paleolithic periodHoxne handaxe found from this period - see further details
Neolithic and Bronze age 6000 BC
Iron Age 800 BC
Roman Britain 46
47Roman Hoard buried in Hoxne - Discovered in 1992Follow this link for more details of the Hoxne Hoard
Vikings and Anglo Saxons 410
Norman Conquest 1066Battle of Hastings
Domesday Book 1086
1086Domesday Book entry for Hoxne
William ll 1087
Henry l 1100
King Stephen 1135
Middle Ages 1154
Henry ll 1154
Richard l (the Lionheart) 1189
The Julian Calendar was introduced in England 1190
King John 1199
Magna Carta sealed by King John 1215
Henry lll 1216
Edward l 1272
Edward ll 1307
Edward lll 1327
The Black Death strikes in England 1348
Richard ll 1377
Henry lV 1399
Henry V 1413
Henry Vl 1422Henry Vl King from 1422 to 1461 and from 1470 to 1471
Wars of the Roses 14551455 to 1485
Edward lV 1461Edward was king from 1461 to 1470 and 1471 to 1483
Henry Vl 1470
Edward lV 1471
William Caxton sets up 1st English Printing Press 1476Set up in Westminster
Richard lll 1483
Edward V 9Apr1483He was only king for 2 months
Tudors 1485
Henry Vll 1485
Henry Vlll comes to the throne 1509
Church of England established 1534Known in Wales as the Church in Wales
1536 to 1540 - Dissolution of the monastries 1536
Act of Union between England & Wales 1536
Start of Parish Records. 1538Thomas Cromwell, the vicar general to Henry Vlll, declared that all marriages, christenings and burials should be recorded
Edward Vl 15479 Year old Edward becomes king after the death of Henry Vlll
1549Norfolk Rebellion startedA dispute over hedges in Attleborough - Rebels captured Norwich
Lady Jane Grey 6Jul1553
Mary l (Bloody Mary) 19Jul1553She had protestants burnt
Elizabeth l 1558
The Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity 1559These made it illegal to celebrate a Catholic Mass in Engand and Wales
Spanish Armada defeated by the English Fleet 1588
East India Tea Company formed 1600Formed by a group of London Merchants
Poor Law Act 1601This consolidated a system of poor relief in Engand and Wales
James l 1603James Vl of Scotland succeeds Elizabeth l to become James l of England
Gunpowder Plot 1605
Authorised version of the English Bible published 1611
Charles l 1625
Civil Wars 16421642 to 1651 - Charles l executed in 1649
Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector 1653
Oliver Cromwell dies 1658He is succeeded by his son Richard
Pepys diaries started 1Jan1660
Charles ll restored to the throne 29May1660
Plague of London 1665
Fire of London Started 2Sep1666
James ll 8Feb1685James ll Succeeds to the throne after Charles ll death
William of Orange lands with an army at Torbay 5Nov1688
William & Mary proclaimed King & Queen 13Feb1689William lll and Mary ll. Mary died in 1694
Queen Anne 8Mar1702Anne succeeded to the throne after the death of William lll
George l 1Aug1714
1st Major Jacobite rising - Sept 1715 - Feb 1716 1715
South Sea Bubble' bursts 1720
1st Prime Minister 1721Sir Robert Walpole becomes 1st Prime Minister and is given No 10 Downing Street by George l
Poaching becomes a Capital Offence 1723
George ll 1727
The use of Latin in Parish Registers is discontinued 1732
Gregorian Calendar introduced in Engand & Wales 1752
Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act 1753Marriages solemnised in the Church of England become the main form of legal marriage in England & Wales
George lll 1760
Catholic Relief Act 1778Ends the persecution of Roman Catholics
18011801 Census972 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 451 males 521 females
Act of Union 1801Incorporates Ireland and Britain into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
1st official Census in England, Scotland & Wales 1801
Battle of Trafalgar 1805
Slave trade abolished 1807
18111811 Census948 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 457 males 491 females
BMD recording 1813Parishes have to record Baptisms, Marriages and burials in books and on printed forms
Battle of Waterloo 1815
George lV 1820
18211821 Census1066 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 507 males 559 females
1822East Anglian Agrarian Riots
Prisons 1823Houses of correction and county gaols are amalgamated and called prisons
1st Police force 1829The Metropolitan Police, Britain's first statutory police force, is founded by the Home Secretary, Robert Peel
William lV 1830
18311831 Census1243 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 624 males 619 females
Reform Act 1832The start of the democratic system of voting
The Poor Law Amendment Act 1834This makes radical changes to the system of poor relief and the Union Workhouse is introduced
1835New Hoxne Union Workhouse built Located at Barley Green, near Stradbroke
Queen Victoria 1837
Permitted age for making a will raised to 21 1837
Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths Sep1837Introduced in Engand and Wales
1st Public Record Office is established 1838
1841 Census Apr1841For the 1st time the census contains personnal information such as names, ages and addresses
Apr18411841 Census in Hoxne1333 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 678 males 655 females
Irish Potato famine 18451845 to 1851
1851 Census Apr1851
Apr1851 1851 Census in Hoxne1262 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 648 males 614 females
Crimean War 18531853 to 1856
Matrimonial Causes Act 1857Divorce becomes available through the civil courts in England and Wales
1861 Census Apr1861
Apr18611861 Census in Hoxne1218 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 603 males 615 females
1871Hoxne Union Workhouse was closed.It had been empty for many years
Apr18711871 Census in Hoxne1090 people were recorded as living in Hoxne
1871 Census Apr1871
1881 Census Apr1881
Apr18811881 Census in Hoxne1000 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 505 males 495 females
1891 Census Apr1891
Apr18911891 Census in Hoxne934 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 470 males 464 females
1901 Census Apr1901
Apr19011901 Census in Hoxne838 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 432 males 406 females
Apr19111911 Census in Hoxne877 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 442 males 435 females
1911 Census Apr1911
19211921 Census769 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 378 males 391 females
19311931 Census744 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 384 males 360 females
19511951 Census742 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 366 males 376 females
19611961 Census676 people were recorded as living in Hoxne - 330 males 346 females
May1964Red Lion Inn partially burnt downOccupied by the Jolly family. The building was demolished
16Nov1992Roman Hoard discovered by Eric Lawes