Harry Cupper

Harry Cupper was born in 1872. He lived with his parents John and Sarah Cupper in Low Street in Hoxne. He was baptised in Hoxne on the 6th June 1876.

John Cupper in Cross Street

John Cupper driving a horse and cart in Cross Street c. 1910

On 12th October 1894 he enlisted in the Suffolk Regiment at Bury St Edmunds.He was described as being 5 foot 8 inches tall, weight 131 lbs, of fresh complexion with blue eyes and brown hair. His current occupation was recorded as a porter. He was given the Regimental Number 3980.

On 26th October 1896 he was appointed Lance Corporal but on 5th May 1897 he was reverted to private for misconduct.

From the 10th April 1897 to the 11th Jan 1899 he was posted to Malta.

He return home until the 23rd of October 1899 when he was posted to South Africa until the 28th September 1902. After a period back home when he was transferred to the Military Foot Police from 3rd June 1907 until the 26th November 1907 (Regimental No. 954) he was then posted to Malta again from the 16th January 1908 until the 24th January 1911. He was then posted directly to Egypt until the 6th February 1911 when he was posted to Cyprus until the 14th February 1912 when he returned to Egypt. He returned home on the 11th January 1913.

During the South Africa campaign (1899-1902) he was awarded the Queen's South Africa Medal and clasp and latterly after being at Kimberly, Paardeberg, Driefontein, Johannesberg and Diamond Hill he received the King's South Africa Medal and 2 clasps (South Africa 1901 and 1902).

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On his return to Hoxne Harry was awarded a Fob Watch by the parishoners of Hoxne for his service in the South Africa Campaign. This watch has been given to the Hoxne Heritage Group by his great niece, Pamela Ward, to 'return it to the people of Hoxne'.
The watch will be on display at key events of the Hoxne Heritage Group.

Harry Cupper's Watch

On the 22nd September 1902 he was permitted to extend his period of army service to complete 12 years with the colours.

He was re-engaged for the Suffolk Regiment on the 27th September 1906 in order that he might complete a term of 21 years service.

On 12th October 1906 he was granted th 3rd G.C.Badge.

He was discharged at his own request on the 28th January 1913, after 18 years 109 days service. He was awarded a pension of 10 pence a day (in todays money approximately 4 pence) from the 29th January 1913 as a Chelsea pensioner.

On the 15th August 1914 he signed up again at the age of 40. He said that he was a baker by occupation and stated that he was a pensioner from the Suffolk Regiment.

He was sent to France on the 6th October 1914 and remained there until th 17th November 1917 when he was sent to Italy. He returned home on the 17th February 1919.

He left the army on the 19th March 1919 giving his home address as 'The Retreat' at Heckfield Green where his parents lived. There is no record of him ever being wounded.

The Retreat

The Retreat

As a Chelsea pensioner he received a pension for the rest of his life from the army, which in 1944 was £66 5 shilling and 6 pence per year - in todays money £66 27.5 pence.

He died on the 29th June 1950 in Hartismere Hospital, Eye at the age of 77. He was still living at The Retreat and his occupation was noted as Army Pensioner and retired School Caretaker. His nephew H.W. Cupper registered his death.

William Cupper (born in 1866 in Poplar, London) was Harry's brother and was married to Jane Edworthy. He was a coachman and then became a Chauffeur to Mr Ffrench at the Depperhaugh.

William Cupper Coachman

William Cupper as Coachman and his brother-in-law George Edworthy as under-coachman at the Depperhaugh c. 1910

William Cupper Chauffeur

William Cupper as Chauffeur and his brother-in-law George Edworthy as footman.

Mr Ffrench was the proud owner of this early motorcar.

George Edworthy was in the Army Service Corps. in WW1 and was awarded the Military Medal.

William and Jane Cupper's son was Harry William Cupper who married Olive Elsey and it is their daughter Pamela who supplied these pictures.

Harry William Cupper

Hoxne School c.1909. Harry William Cupper is 2nd from the right on the front row.

Pictures provided and watch donated by Pamela Ward.