The Maynard Family of Hoxne Hall

The Maynard family were seated at Easton Lodge, Little Easton near to Dunmow, Essex. William Maynard [1650-1691] of Hoxne was the second son of William 2nd Lord Maynard [1623-1689] and his wife Dorothy Banastre [1622-1649] who was the daughter of Robert Banastre [1591-1649].

William was married to Jane Prescott [d.1675] the widow of Sir Thomas Fisher and owner of the Hoxne Hall Estate. William had a residence in Bury St Edmunds and his father William 2nd Lord was the Comptroller of the Royal Household [1672-1687]. William Maynard inherited Hoxne Hall from his wife, but they did not have any children. William married as his second wife Susan Evans the daughter of the London merchant Thomas Evans of Bow, Middlesex.

William and Susan were the parents of Thomas, Prescot and Anne. Thomas the eldest son and heir to Hoxne Hall died in 1742 and his larger than life size memorial can be seen at Hoxne Church. Thomas did not marry and passed his estate to Charles Maynard 6th Lord [1690-1775] who was created 1st Viscount Maynard. Charles Maynard did not marry and the Hoxne Hall Estate was passed to his great nephew Thomas Hesilrigge of Noseley Hall, Leicestershire.

Thomas Hessilrigge was married to Mary Tyrell the daughter of Edmund Tyrell of Gipping Hall, Suffolk. After Mary’s death Thomas was married to Letitia Woodhouse the daughter of John Woodhouse of Kimberley, Norfolk. Thomas inherited the Hesilrigge baronetcy, but died without issue on the 24th April 1817 and was buried in the vestry at Hoxne. A nemorial plaque above the vestry door by Francis Chantrey the sculptor records his details.

The Hoxne Hall Estate was inherited Charles 2nd Viscount Maynard [1752-1824] who was the son of Sir William Maynard of Walthamstow a cousin of Charles Maynard. Charles Maynard 2nd Viscount was married to the notorious Anne Parsons [nee Horton] the high class prostitute, but had no issue and his estates passed to his nephew Henry Maynard.

Henry Maynard 3rd Viscount [1786-1865] was the son of the Reverend Henry Maynard of Radwinter, Essex and his wife Susan Barnard the daughter of the Reverend Francis Barnard. Henry was seated at Easton Lodge, Radwinter Hall and at Hoxne Hall. He was married to Mary Rabett [1794-1857] the daughter of Reginald Rabett of Bramfield Hall, Suffolk and his wife Mary Kerrison the daughter of Matthias Kerrison and his wife Mary Barnes.

Henry Maynard sold the Hoxne Hall Estate to Matthias Kerrison in circa 1820 and so the Kerrison family made Hoxne Hall their home. With the purchase of the Brome and Oakley Estates from the Cornwallis family, Hoxne Hall was rebuilt by the architect Sydney Smirke [1797-1877] and renamed Oakley Park. The Kerrison family were short lived at Hoxne, but made their mark on the village and the surrounding estate. Oakley Park was inherited by Lady Agnes Burrell Bateman- Hanbury [1831-1918] the daughter of Sir Edward Kerrison and his wife Mary Martha Ellice.

Article provided by Stephen Govier.