Oliver Hall(c1606-1671)

Oliver Hall was probably born in Norfolk in about 1606.

Oliver was admitted to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in 1622. He achieved a B.A. 1625-6 and an M.A. in 1629. He was ordained deacon in Norwich on February 18th 1626/7 and priest in 1630. He became vicar of Hoxne in 1645 and Rector of Stoke Ash, Suffolk, on the 21st November 1646 and so resigned from Hoxne being replaced by Edward Willan.

He was a curate in Hoxne in 1636 and on the Ship Money returns of 1640 he is recorded as paying 2 shillings.

Oliver married Christian Saier (Sayer?) in 1634 at Brockdish. They had 6 children baptised in Hoxne - Thomas (Bap. 29th May 1633), Elizabeth (Bap. 7th October 1638), Christian (Bap. 1st November 1640), Oliver (Bap. 16th October 1642), Benjamin (1st August 1644) and Joseph (Bap. 17th May 1646). They had 3 more daughters baptised at Stoke Ash - Mary (Bap. 15th February 1647), Katherine (Bap. 5th February 1651) and Dorothy (Bap. 16th April 1655).

A further daughter Anne was buried at Stoke Ash on the 21st October 1650 and his daughter Christian was also buried at Stoke Ash on the 22nd February 1665. Oliver's brother, William, was buried there 19th January 1669.

Oliver was buried on the 14th August 1671 at Stoke Ash. An inventory of his goods is held at the Norfolk Record Office.