Latest Projects Completed and Under Investigation.

Latest Projects completed

The Banham walls of Hoxne and the surrounding area.

This project has now been completed. A talk was given by Julie Craven at our meeting on 8th March 2022.
Click here for a copy of that talk.

Below is the list of the tasks undertaken to produce this report.

There was already a photographic record of many of the walls in the locality taken in the early 1990s. (Courtesy of Julie Craven).

  • There is a need to identify the different styles of wall.
  • Why and how did their distinctive styles evolve ?
  • Background history of the brickworks may shed some light on the origins of the wall styles.
  • Geographical spread of the walls- how far do they extend beyond Hoxne ?
  • How old are the walls, can we tell from their designs.

First task is to scan the current photographs so that they be used on the website and to take more photographs showing close up of different styles.

Report of our dig at 16 Cross Street.→

Projects under investigation

Hoxne Heritage Group; Projects Group Report.

Meeting held on Thursday 5th November at the Queen's Head, Eye.
At the meeting two projects were identified, namely;

  1. The 'lost lodge' of Oakley Park.
  2. Investigating and recording Banham walls around Hoxne and the surrounding area.
The Lost Lodge.
  • Exactly where on the estate was it ? Only conjecture based on 'casual' observation.
  • How old was it - date of construction. ?
  • Who built it ?
  • When was it demolished and why ? Certainly before 1757.
  • Could it have been a warreners lodge ?

It was agreed that the first task should be to field walk the area where the lodge is thought to have been located and to try and get pictures to show what the lodge may have looked like.