Robert Barker (-1475)

Robert Barker became vicar of Hoxne in 1461.

In his will of 1475 Robert Barker left a close called Ealstongs, and two acres of land in Low close, and one piece of land lying in the close of John Doo, for ever to the inhabitants of Hoxne, to pay the King's fifteenth, or the taske (tax) when it occurs; and also wills to have a chapel of St Mary the Virgin built of his goods. (Reg. Gelour, 198.)

In Henry Chitting's (1580-1638) Suffolk Visitation of Churches he records the following inscription in a chapel on the north side on a gravestone in brass:

'Orate pro a'i'a Rob'ti Barker qui hanc capellam fieri fecit'
Pray for the soul of Robert Barker who made this chapel.