Test Pit 25

Test Pit 25. Mill House, Cross Street

Property description and location

Mill House dates to sometime after 1904, where its location is shown as consisting of an open plot of land fronting the road and a rear triangular plot with two buildings, one of which is still extant, on the 2nd Edition OS. The 1st Edition OS shows these buildings together with the site of a windmill and the tithe map shows a similar layout, with the mill being clearly marked (the two Mill House plots appear to be named in the apportionment as 'Mill Cottages etc' owned by Robert Barber).

Test Pit description

Pit 25

Records for the Test pit have not been received but it was placed c.25m to the rear of the property across a slight linear depression marking a former ditch line. The Test Pit was excavated to a depth of c.0.3m, and did not fully remove the modern topsoil.

Test Pit finds summary


Test Pit Discussion

The location of the test pit above a former ditch, and in close proximity to both a former building and small pond, all shown on the 1st Edition OS, meant that it was likely to simply encounter 19th/20th century infilling deposits. The topsoil was subsequently seen to contain frequent fragments of miscellaneous 19/20th century ironwork and excavation was halted.

Pit 25

Pit 25