Test Pit 6

Test Pit 6. Little Park House

Property description and location

Built in the c.1960's/70's Little Park House is probably the newest and last property to be built in the settlement core of Low Street, infilling a gap midway up the eastern frontage of Church Hill. The Test Pit itself however was situated towards the rear of the long garden which was added to the property in c.1979 and is shown on the Tithe map (named in the apportionment as 'Hither Grounds' and owned by Sir Edward Kerrison) and the 1st and 2nd Edition OS's as being part of a large arable field to the rear of the other Church Hill properties.

Test Pit description

The house itself is partly terraced into the natural slope and ground levels rise sharply by c.2m to its rear. The Test Pit was situated c.33m to the rear of the property in a broadly flat area of lawn extending back at this increased height. The Test Pit showed c.0.25m of modern topsoil, Context 01, overlying the natural clay subsoil. A vertical line of interlaced 20th century roof tiles crossed the centre of the pit.

Test Pit finds summary

Pit 6

A small amount of GRE sherds dating to the 16th-18th century was identified, and some later Victorian wares. A small copper alloy mount decorated with a female face, either part of a belt-mount or perhaps embellishing a box or casket dates to the Victorian period or later.

Test Pit Discussion

The Test Pit showed a former arable ploughsoil containing occasional post-medieval finds and later material, as to be expected due to the pits location in a former field behind the post-medieval street. The 20th century rooftile 'wall' was unusual but probably marks an old flower bed, allotment or other garden feature.

Table of Finds

Spit No Context No Sieved? Display/ Keep? Pottery Post Med/ modern Medieval CBM Fired Clay Mortar/ Plaster Clay Pipe Glass Flint Slate Plastic Iron Nails Iron Other Other Metalwork Animal Bone Oyster Shell Land Snail Comments
1 1 Yes % uncertain Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 1 Yes % uncertain Yes Copper alloy mount for casket or possibly belt. Victorian or early 20th C?

Details of Pottery Finds

Spit No Context No Display/ Keep? Post Med/ modern Medieval Details
1 1 Yes Pot includes 1 sherd GRE dish 16th-18thC, Victorian