Listed Buildings in Hoxne

Abbey Hill
St. Edmund's Monument, Abbey HillIIListing
Chickering Road
37, Chickering RoadIIListing
Cosy Cot (40), Chickering RoadIIListing
Chickering Corner Farmhouse, Chickering RoadII*Listing
Barn 40m SE of Chickering Corner Farmhouse, Chickering RoadIIListing
Chickering Corner Farm Cottage, Chickering RoadIIListing
Haywards Farm Cottage, Chickering RoadII*Listing
Park Farmhouse, Chickering RoadIIListing
The Retreat, Chickering RoadIIListing
House immediately W of The Retreat, Chickering RoadIIListing
Three Ponds, Chickering RoadIIListing
Whitehouse Farmhouse, Chickering RoadIIListing
Church Street
38 (Yew Tree House), Church StreetIIListing
Cross Street
Athene Cottage (7), Cross StreetIIListing
15, Cross StreetIIListing
16, Cross StreetIIListing
Corn House (20) and Three Trees (22), Cross StreetIIListing
Abbey Farmhouse, Cross StreetII*Listing
Remains of Hoxne Priory at Abbey Farm, Cross StreetAMListing
Walling to road curtilage, Abbey Farmhouse, Cross StreetIIListing
Abbey View, Cross StreetIIListing
The Grapes, Cross StreetIIListing
The Old Wheelwrights, Cross StreetIIListing
Denham Low Road
Remains of medieval fishponds at The Leys, Denham Low RoadAMListing
Denham Road
Chestnut Tree Farmhouse, Denham RoadIIListing
Farm Cottage 110m S of Three Ponds, Denham RoadIIListing
Barn immediately S of Watsons Cottage, Denham RoadIIListing
Eye Road
Fairstead Farmhouse, Eye RoadIIListing
Barn 50m N of Fairstead Farmhouse, Eye RoadIIListing
Goldbrook House, Eye RoadIIListing
Goldbrook Cottage and Hollydean, 59, GoldbrookIIListing
Christmas Cottage, GoldbrookIIListing
The Old Thatch, GoldbrookIIListing
Green Street
Church of SS Peter and Paul with St Edmund, Green StreetIListing
Dairy Farmhouse, Green StreetIIListing
Dove Cottage and Penbryn, Green StreetIIListing
Elm House, Green StreetIIListing
The Firs, Green StreetIIListing
High House, Green StreetIIListing
Hill House (incl doctor's surgery to rear), Green StreetIIListing
Moat Farmhouse, Green StreetIIListing
Mulberry Cottage, Green StreetIIListing
Barn 90m W of Shreeves Farmhouse, Green StreetIIListing
The Vicarage, Green StreetIIListing
Moated site at the vicarage of St Peter and St Paul's Church, Green StreetAMListing
Low Street
16, Low StreetIIListing
Trees (22), 23 and 24, Low StreetIIListing
41, Low StreetIIListing
49, Low StreetIIListing
53 and 54, Low StreetIIListing
55, Pilgrim Cottagen(56) and 57, Low StreetIIListing
White Cottage (77), Low StreetIIListing
Aldersyde, The Cottage and adjoining cottage, Low StreetIIListing
Bridge Cottage and Bridge House, Low StreetIIListing
Lea Cottage and The Old Bakery, Low StreetIIListing
Market House, Low StreetIIListing
Post Office, Low StreetIIListing
Red House, Low StreetIIListing
Red House Cottage, Low StreetIIListing
The Swan Inn (including attached outbuildings), Low StreetII*Listing
Time House and Time Cottage, Low StreetIIListing
The White House, Low StreetIIListing
The Wooden House (Hobby House, Butchers), Low StreetIIListing
Oakley Park
Stable block, Oakley ParkIIListing
Reading Green
Greenfields, Reading GreenIIListing
Locks Farmhouse, Reading GreenIIListing
Reading Green Farmhouse, Reading GreenIIListing
Thorpe Hall, Reading GreenII*Listing
White House, Reading GreenIIListing
South Green
Colbys Farmhouse (recent alias Home Farm), South GreenIIListing
Gissing Farmhouse, South GreenIIListing
Myrtle Cottage, South GreenIIListing
Barn 100m W of Red House Farmhouse, South GreenIIListing
Red House Farmhouse, South GreenII*Listing
South Green Farmhouse, South GreenIIListing
Watermill lane
Low Farmhouse, Watermill laneIIListing
The Watermill (Mill House), Watermill laneIIListing
Hoxne Watermill, Watermill laneIIListing
Wittons lane
The Red House, Wittons laneIIListing
IGrade 1
II*Grade 2 star
IIGrade 2
AMAncient Monument
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